Do Beagles get cold?

Having the winter season upon us, well at least in North America, I see it appropriate to discuss this topic. After much research and the advice from many forums, the overall consensus of this argument is still in question. Some beagle owners say no, and others say yes.

The fact is that beagles were bred as outdoor dogs. They are stronger than there cute, droopy face appearance might suggest. Many beagle owners that keep this breed primary for hunting and trapping have them outside year round, even when the temperature is 30-40 degrees.
Since my site is geared more for the family pet beagle, I would suggest keeping your pooch warm in the winter. My beagle sleeps in our garage. I have blankets for her, and a cheap heater that I purchased, that I turn on at night. I live in Northern California, where even during the colder months; the sun is bright and shining during the day. After much research, I will be bundling her up in a sweater as well.

Concerns for the Skin and Paw

Through some research, it is beneficial to make sure your beagles dietary needs are a top priority year round, but more so in the winter because dry skin, and paw irritation can occur. Make sure your beagle gets plenty of water, and you can confer with your veterinarian about adding some healthy fats into the diet. Also make sure that after walks that you are washing off their paws. I usually use hot water and a towel.

Sweater for the Beagle

Lots of beagle owners say don’t let your shivering pooch fool you, but it fools me every time. My beagle only shivers during the cold, so I am going with my gut, and assuming she is cold. You can get dog sweaters at almost any pet store. Check out some of the online options as well if you want to save some change.

To measure your beagle’s sweater, please see the video below. Make sure to have a flexible tape measure, kind of like the one you have when you are measuring a suit or dress to be tailored. The measurements you will need are:

1. Neck circumference
2. Fore chest length
3. Chest circumference
4. Back length

I recommend these measurements if you decide to go online for purchase, but if you go to any pet store, the employees will most likely know what size your beagle wears just by looking. Good Luck!

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